Schedule and Contact Information
RACR at Coimbatore, 25th of August, 2017, at the Kari Motor Speedway
Our first academy session in Coimbatore, for 2017, is at the Kari Motor Speedway, on the 25th of August, 2017.
This Coimbatore session is a special one day academy. Come and learn the nuances of riding your sprotsbike from the pros. We will teach you to be safer, more proficient and learn incredible skills in control and exploring the performance envelope of your sportsbike.
Cost : Rs 11,000/- (Includes training for 1 day and refreshments and requisite taxes)
The riders will have to bring the bikes and safety gear. We will try and ensure you get maximum track time .
Please get in touch with us for registration and enquiries at rajini@racr.in or call 9790948821, 9176065512, 9094776767.
Payment Details and Information
Payment can be made by DD in favor of "RACR" or Funds Transfer
Terms & Conditions - RACR
Refund, Reschedule & Cancellation Policy: Your school registration & fees locks in your spot. There are no refunds upon cancellation.
Riding Experience: All participants must have some riding experience—we do not train first time riders.
Motorcycle and Safety gear: All participants must turn up at the academy with the requisite motorcycle according to class registered and all personal safety gear – Full leathers, Gloves, boots and helmet. They will not be allowed into the track without the same. All motorcycles should be in good condition (tyres, brakes and engine) to pass scrutiny and be allowed onto the track.
Compliance with Safety Procedures: Participants agree to comply with RACR staff as regards safety procedures, failure to comply can lead to expulsion from school activities. RACR rules & regulations are strictly enforced & are not flexible.
Confirmation on spots: Confirmation of spots subject to payment in full. Please contact us via phone or mail to register for our sessions. Payment should be made in full over the next 3 days via online transfer or DD, to confirm registration.
Consecutive Days of Training: In the event that you are signed up for 2 or more consecutive school days, you will be responsible for attending both or all days as per our normal cancellation & reschedule policy. This includes but is not limited to personal schedule change, mechanical failure if riding your own bike, crashing, etc.