Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing
Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing was instituted by Rajini Krishnan-one of India's most successful motorcycle racers on September 2015 at the Madras Motor Race Track at Chennai.
It has been his dream to start a motorcycle riding and competitive racing training academy. The reason is two fold, to help riders develop their inherent potential and two, to be able to give back something to this sport that has made him what he is, today. He is a Nine time India National Champion , Qatar 600 cc Champion and also the 2015 Malaysia Superbike Champion in the open Class category(1000cc).
He brings to play many years of pure track riding and racing experience. To augment our expertise, our roster includes exceptionally talented champions from India and abroad as instructors.
R.A.C.R. will organize the full range of services including, track booking and all statutory facilities that are required for conducting a successful track day/ training school. We have structured training modules to help riders extract the best out of their machines as well as themselves in a track environment.
While all this specialized training can help riders hone their skills to exemplary levels, more than anything else at the end of the day, we hope that our students can go out there and really enjoy riding their motorcycles with greater skill and expertise.
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In the race of life, you need self confidence, courage and faith in your abilities to win the race.


November 3rd & 4th,2017


Academy session in Chennai at the Madras Motor Race Track, on November 3rd & 4th , 2017


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Previous Academy Sessions

  • Chennai MMRT Sep 2015 (Special Mentor: Andrew Stone)
  • Delhi BIC Nov 2015 (Special Mentor: Alex Cudlin)
  • Coimbatore Kari Speedway Feb 2016
  • Delhi BIC Mar 2016 (Special Mentor: Nina Prinz)
  • Bangalore Meco Kartopia Jun 2016
  • Chennai MMRT Aug 2016
  • Kolhapur Mohite Racing Academy Nov 2016
  • Delhi BIC Feb 2017
  • Chennai MMRT Apr 2017
  • Bangalore Meco Kartopia, TVS Racing Special Event May 2017
  • Chennai MMRT June 2017
  • Coimbatore Kari Speedway aug 2017
  • Coimbatore Kari Speedway sep 2017

Rajini Krishnan is available for special one on one sessions with experts and professional Riders.
                                                                              Please contact for details

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RACR Sportbike School Instructors


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Summary of our activities:

1. RACR Team


2. RACR – Sportbike School

Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing. We conduct riding classes for all bikes- street bikes to superbikes at the 3 race tracks at Chennai, Kovai and Delhi and also at a Go-kart tracks across the country .

3. India Cub Prix Racing Series :

100 cc to 165 cc Motorbike, Scooters races that will be held on go-kart tracks or in gated communities or blocked off open roads, it is easily accessible to the public and we expect more than 5000 spectators to watch the races at each venue. Cub Prix is a grassroots motorsport series whose objective it is to discover new Indian talent. It will be fun to watch, and also hugely entertaining to be part of.

4. Rajini Krishnan :

9 time National Champion and the Malaysian Superbike champion (2015). Wild card entry for for 2017 MOTO2 World Championship
Taking part in Malaysian Superbike Championship 2017

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Contact : Roshan Kuriyan
Ph: +91 9790948821
Email: roshan@racr.in

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72A, Ponnam Apartments,
Panchali Amman Koil Street,Arumbakkam,
Chennai 600106
Contact: 9790948821, 9176065512,
Email: rajini@racr.in






Rajini Krishnan